Friday, September 26, 2008

Monrovia Chamber of Commerce

During the 3 years I worked in Monrovia I was very involved with the Monrovia Chamber of Commerce. When I first opened in Monrovia I did not know a single person there. By the time I left though, I could not walk down Myrtle Avenue without bumping into someone I knew. The Chamber was one of the reasons for that. During my time there I served on the Ambassador committee and was also on the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

On one of my last days in Monrovia the Chamber suprised me with a good bye lunch at Rudy's (some of the best Mexican food you'll find anywhere).

I will miss everbody from the chamber and I appreciate everyone who helped me along the way. I will definately get involved with the Redlands Chamber of Commerce and if they are half as good as Monrovia, I will be very fortunate.


Shortly after moving to Redlands, Kylie and I got a dog. We have both wanted one for some time but since we did not both live in the same town it would not have been fair to have a pet as it woudl have to be alone for the entire day every day. Our new house is only a couple minute walk from Kylie's work and I will be opening my office with a few miles of the house as well.

She is approximately two years old and is a rescue. She is part yellow lab and possibly part german shepard. She lived with a "foster family" for about a year and they named her Gracie due to her tendency to be a little clutzy at times.
She is an awesome dog. She loves to run with us and play fetch outside but inside the house she loves to sleep and cuddle. We are lucky to have missed all the puppy phases of chewing and barking. We have actually only heard her bark 4 or 5 times in the couple months since we got her.


I must apologise for my lack of blog updates this whole summer.

Lots has happened since I last posted. At the beginning of July I gave my boss notice that I would be leaving at the end of August. Later in July Kylie and I moved from Monrovia to Redlands, meaning I had to commute just over a 100 miles per day, but at least it wasn't for long. We got a dog. At the the end of August I finished working for Budincich Chiropractic. In the first week of September my family came to California for our wedding. We did a road trip up the coast with my family to show them some of the sights here. On September 6 Kylie and I were married in San Rafael, CA. We honeymooned in Monterey for a couple days. Flew to Canada. Had a wedding reception with Canadian family and friends. Raced a half ironman in Canada. Flew back to California. Now I am doing business planning to get a small business loan, looking for office space and doing everything else required to get my own office opened!